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Health benefits of swimming

Swimming is a great activity for people of all age groups. It’s also is an ideal way to maintain your physical and mental health. Over the coming weeks we’ll take a closer look into just how swimming can help keep you healthy and the specific benefits for your body.

1. Strengthens and tones your entire body

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that it works all the muscles groups in body.

2. Great for your heart and cardiovascular fitness

Swimming increases your heart rate which helps to keep your lungs and heart strong.

3. Swimming can improve your mind

Swimming improves memory function and thinking skills. It also helps reduce inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain. These two things can assist new brain cell growth.

4. Ideal for those with Asthma

Swimming is very effective for people who suffer from chronic lung conditions such as asthma.

5. Helps with weight loss

The cardiovascular workout swimming provides burns calories. We all know the secret to weight loss is calories in versus calories out. By burning those calories you will create a calorie deficit and lose weight!

6. Great for reducing stress

Swimming has its own mood-boosting effects and it can work wonders for your stress levels. The weightlessness and massaging effect of the water releases endorphins which are the “feel good” chemicals in our body. Swimming for 30 minutes will leave you feeling more relaxed and stress free.

7. Improves your sleep

Swimming has an immense power to help you sleep better at night. The synergistic combination of exercise and stress reduction can significantly boost the quality of sleep.

8. Gives you an energy boost

Exercise has the ability to increase our metabolism and the result of that is a nice little kick of energy.

9. Lowers Cholesterol

Swimming can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and promote the increase of good cholesterol – thanks to the fact that swimming is a great aerobic exercise. Additionally it can assist in keeping cholesterol levels stable, which will make your doctor very happy indeed.