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Our Group and Private Swimming Class Fees | Swish Swimming

Swimming Class Fees in SIngapore

Group Classes

$40.00 / Weekday Group classes
$44.00 / Weekend Group classes
$55.00 / Single Ad-Hoc Classes
Not inclusive of 9% GST
/ Student

Small group sizes with a maximum of 5 children per class

30 minutes per class, ensures we get the best out of each child

Small class sizes means more time for each child with our certified swim coaches

Skilled SWISH Swimming Instructors ensure each class is tailored to meet the needs of every child, regardless of their ability level.

Private Classes

$84.70 / Weekday Private classes
$88.55 / Weekend Private classes
Not inclusive of 9% GST
/ Student

Individual classes with one child to one certified Swish swim instructor

A fantastic option if your child benefits most from a quieter environment, or is easily distracted in a group setting

Perfect for working on swimming technique or mastering a particular stroke