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Parent and Baby Swim Classes in Singapore

SWISH! Swimming’s Parent & Baby classes in Singapore are a fantastic start for your little one’s aquatic journey. Starting from four months old, these baby swim classes and infant swim classes focus on building water confidence and skills in a fun, engaging environment. Dive into baby swimming and infant swimming in Singapore, where splashes and giggles lead to bonding and a lifelong love for water. 

Mini Fini: Parent and Baby

From 4 months old

Learning to swim is much more than just being safe in the water. It opens a whole world of aquatic adventure. By taking baby swim classes or infant swim classes in Singapore, you and your little ones can zoom down waterslides, snorkel, surf, water-ski, and throw a pool party. Most importantly, swimming provides a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family. Embrace the JOY of baby swimming and infant swimming as you dive into these exciting experiences together!

Babies and children should be introduced to water, allowing them to become comfortable at their own pace. With the support of parents and the enthusiastic guidance of our coaches, learning to swim becomes a supportive and joyful experience. Our baby swimming and infant swim classes in Singapore focus on making classes fun and engaging, incorporating play into learning. Skills like entering and exiting the pool, feeling comfortable with water on the face, and blowing bubbles are essential, in building a strong foundation for future underwater adventures in infant swimming

At SWISH! we believe that as soon as your pediatrician has given you the go-ahead you should start pool introduction and swimming classes. Every child and country’s immunization program is different, so please refer to your pediatrician, however, this is usually around 4 months of age. It’s NEVER too late to start swimming classes.

First Dips and Baby Kicks!

See Your Little Splasher Become a Confident Swimmer!

Watch as your baby develops the skills and confidence to play safely with SWISH! Swimming! Starting with secure pool entries and exits, our classes include desensitizing techniques that help prevent panic in the water. This solid foundation ensures lifelong aquatic confidence.

Plunge into Learning with Our Friendly Swim Coaches!

Learn from our passionate instructors, whose love for swimming infects every class with JOY. They take pride in nurturing your child’s early fondness for the pool.

Dive Deep Without Limits: Explore Our Pools!

Each unique venue is designed for delightful times and serious swim training, ensuring a fantastic experience for all swimmers. All our pools are temperature-controlled and salt-chlorinated. We take pride in our fantastic facilities as well as our amazing coaches.


72 Loewen Road, Blk #01-08
SWISH! Hub is our heated indoor pool with ladders for easy access.

SWISH! Laguna

75D Loewen Road
​ SWISH! Laguna is our outdoor pool nestled amongst trees and greenery.

SWISH! Aqua Studio

Core Collective Dempsey
27a Loewen Road
Our beautiful outdoor pool right next to Baker & Cook (for excellent post swim snacks !)

SWISH! Hub Sheltered Pool

72 Loewen Road, Blk #01-08
SWISH! Hub is our heated indoor pool with ladders for easy access.

What can you expect in your baby’s first swimming class?

It is important to remember that each child is different. Some babies will take to the water like the proverbial duck while others may take time, patience, and lots of encouragement. Supervise your baby at all times, have fun, and keep safety in mind.

The classes are 30 minutes so as not to tire your child out. Don’t be surprised if they want a nap afterwards.

Please bring a sun hat, sunscreen, baby swim nappy, towel, and change of clothes for both you and your little one.

Swim nappies are also available for purchase in our shop at the SWISH! hub.

Our classes are designed to gently introduce infants based on their individual comfort and developmental stages. Each class focuses on gradual exposure, using games and songs to foster a positive environment, ensuring that each baby progresses at a comfortable pace while building foundational water safety skills.

We keep our classes small, typically 5 babies per class, to ensure personalized attention and a supportive atmosphere. This size also facilitates social interaction among parents and babies, enhancing the overall experience and allowing for tailored instruction from our coaches.

We understand the unpredictability of infant health and offer make-up classes to accommodate missed sessions due to illness. Parents are encouraged to notify us as soon as possible to reschedule, ensuring their baby does not miss out on the learning experience. Please contact our team at admin@swishswimming.com if your child is expected to be unable to swim for an extended period.

All of our classes are conducted in temperature-controlled/heated pools to ensure consistent water and ambient temperatures year-round. This setup allows us to maintain a stable and comfortable environment for infants and parents, regardless of outdoor weather conditions. All of our pools are also salt chlorinated which means the water is gentler on your baby’s skin, hair and eyes.

Our team of passionate swimming instructors are highly trained in the SWISH! Swimming method. All our instructors go through an intensive training programme comprising of 90 hours of training and a shadowing programme with a senior coach mentor before being able to run their own classes. All of our instructors are fully qualified AUST Swim instructors. Our exceptional team is committed to ensuring child safety and has CPR and AED training. We are proud to champion aquatic education for all children and have dedicated swim instructors who can support neurodiverse children who may have additional needs.

Register for classes today!

You can register for classes via our online form. Alternatively, you can call us on  9832 2522 and arrange a time for your child’s first Swish! Adventure.